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Nestled amidst Twin Falls' pristine landscapes, Rocky Mountain Sound and Security emerges as a beacon of technological brilliance. When it comes to Home Theater Installation, Home Automation, and Home Security Camera Installation, our services stand as a testament to innovation meeting functionality. In an era where the digital revolution is reshaping lifestyles, our aim remains constant: to provide Twin Falls residents with a blend of luxury, convenience, and unmatched security. We don't just offer services; we curate experiences. Whether it's recreating the magic of cinematic atmospheres or fortifying homes with state-of-the-art security infrastructure, our dedication to excellence remains unyielding.

Unparalleled Home Security System Installation Services in Twin Falls

In the picturesque embrace of Twin Falls, ensuring the sanctity of personal spaces takes precedence. Our Home Security System Installation services reflect our commitment to this cause. Beyond just technology, our systems epitomize trust and reliability. Our comprehensive setups seamlessly integrate into your homes, monitoring every nuance and ensuring an impenetrable shield against potential threats. By leveraging cutting-edge tech like AI algorithms and IoT integrations, our systems proactively deter risks, promising a sanctuary of safety.

Security Camera Installation

  • Wireless Security Camera Installation:

    Break free from physical constraints. Our wireless cameras epitomize flexibility. Designed for both discretion and efficiency, they cater to diverse monitoring needs, making expansions and adaptations a breeze.

  • Outdoor Security Cameras:

    Guardians crafted to perfection. Resilient against Twin Falls’ varied weather patterns, these cameras deliver unfaltering performance. Enhanced features like wide-angle views, infrared capabilities, and intelligent motion detection ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Doorbell Camera Installation:

    A confluence of tradition and innovation. Beyond identifying visitors, our doorbell cameras serve as a digital concierge, cataloging interactions and offering insights with features like facial recognition and instant alerts.

Surveillance System Installation

Continuous vigilance is a promise we uphold. Our advanced surveillance solutions stand sentinel, capturing detailed, high-definition feeds. With cloud integrations and smart anomaly detections, these systems ensure that any deviation is promptly flagged, assuring you peace and serenity.

Home Theatre System Installation Services in Twin Falls:

The realm of cinema is vast, immersive, and transformative. With our Home Theatre System Installation Services in Twin Falls, we craft cinematic sanctuaries tailored to your preferences. Every design element, from ambient lighting to reclining seats, is fine-tuned to replicate the grandeur of commercial theaters. Our soundproofing solutions ensure that the outside world fades away as you dive into cinematic universes. Our team collaborates closely with homeowners, transforming dreams into tangible realities, ultimately crafting spaces where memories are made, one film at a time. Venturing into the world of cinema at home is a luxury that transforms ordinary evenings into extraordinary experiences. Beyond just technology, our focus is on creating atmospheres; spaces that invite relaxation and deep immersion. With advancements like 3D visuals, Dolby Atmos sound integrations, and adjustable lighting, we ensure that each home theatre we design is a haven for movie enthusiasts.

Home Theatre System Installation Services in Twin Falls
TV Mounting Services / TV Installation Services in Twin Falls

TV Mounting Services / TV Installation Services in Twin Falls:

The aesthetics of a room can be greatly amplified by the correct placement and installation of a television set. Our TV Mounting and Installation Services in Twin Falls aren’t just about placing a TV on a wall; it’s an art form. We assess the room's acoustics, ambient light, and seating arrangements to determine the perfect spot. With our expert touch, cable management becomes virtually invisible, leading to a sleek, modern, and uncluttered look. A television isn’t merely a device; it's a window to the world, presenting stories, news, and knowledge. We recognize the centrality of this device in modern homes. Ensuring optimal height, angle, and orientation is pivotal, and our experts, with their keen eyes for detail, ensure that every installation is a blend of aesthetics and ergonomics, enhancing both the room and the viewing experience.

Home Audio Video System Installation Services in Twin Falls:

In the digital age, connectivity and synchronization between devices are paramount. Our Home Audio Video System Installation Services go beyond just setting up systems; they forge seamless communication between your devices. From multi-room audio configurations to smart home integrations, experience uninterrupted entertainment across platforms. Our systems are also designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring even the most technologically averse can navigate with ease. The beauty of a well-connected audio-video system lies in its ability to stitch together experiences. In today's interconnected age, having a system that can pull up a podcast, stream a documentary, or blast a playlist from any room is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our installations integrate seamlessly into your daily life, offering intuitive controls and expansive connectivity, making transitions between devices and rooms effortless and fluid.

Home Audio Video System Installation Services in Twin Falls
Surround Sound System Installation Services in Twin Falls

Surround Sound System Installation Services in Twin Falls:

Sound is a powerful tool; it can transport listeners to different realms, evoke emotions, and create unforgettable experiences. Our Surround Sound System Installation Services in Twin Falls are designed to capture this essence. We meticulously calibrate speakers to ensure balanced audio distribution, immersing listeners in rich, multidimensional soundscapes. Whether you’re relishing the subtle notes of a classical piece or feeling the adrenaline rush from action-packed sequences, our systems ensure every auditory detail is heightened. The nuances of sound, when captured and relayed accurately, have the power to stir souls. We delve deep into the intricacies of sound engineering, ensuring that every frequency, be it the deep bass of a song or the subtle rustle of leaves in a movie, is captured and rendered with pristine clarity. With custom speaker placements and meticulous calibrations, we craft auditory experiences that are both immersive and emotionally evocative.

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Customer Testimonial


I would highly recommend RMSS to anyone! They are professional, responsive, courteous and I trust them. They made my system very user friendly and they were able to install my security system that I bought at Costco. I 10/10 recommend.

-Cory Van Tassell

Adrian has installed security systems in five locations for me. He is extremely professional and does a really great job at a good price. I would not hesitate to have him do sound and security for home and business. He recently replaced cat cable for our equipment to communicate with the manufacturer. This was critical because we were broke down. He immediately responded and worked late to help us. You can not find a better company.

- Christy Hamilton

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